Colder weather doesn’t have to stop outdoor educational opportunities

Students as young as kindergarten can learn to enter data in spreadsheets or record daily numbers in a list. You can help your child design a spreadsheet to record data and display it with a simple graph that automatically will reflect the changes. What types of data? Here are some ideas:

  • Daily temperature highs and lows
  • Daily changes in pollen count
  • The time of sunrise and sunset each day
  • The daily growth of newly-planted indoor or outdoor plants from seeds or seedlings
  • Daily changes in the length of time it takes to run from here to there
  • A comparison of the height of bouncing balls on pavement, dry soil, moist soil, and/or grass

Feel free to download and print this chart! Get the family to tally along at dinner to encourage continuing the education at home! Most of all… HAVE FUN TOGETHER! ūüôā

Click graph for printable size.


Graph provided by , Ideas provided by Wendy Petti of Math Cats